23 February 2011

Aviation Trivia of the Day is now Tails Through Time

I suppose this was a long time in coming. When I started out this blog nearly two years ago (it will be two years in March), the daily posts were fairly short and took me no more than five to ten minutes to put together. But as time went on, I wasn't satisfied with just some short aviation factoid or bit of trivia and each post became a bit longer and pretty soon I was adding a picture or two...or three...maybe four...and pretty soon each post became a bit more involved and required more of my time than when I first started this blog. Time constraints and real world obligations prevent me from devoting a full daily post of the depth and quality that I can only dream of doing on a daily basis in the spirit of "Aviation Trivia of the Day". 

After taking a week to mull things over, I decided to reorient this blog more along the lines of what I had once done for Airlinebuzz as well as my own aviation art blog, The Chicken Works. Back then I used to put together more involved posts for both the forum that started out under the heading "Aviation Postcards" and with the advice of some good friends on Airlinebuzz, soon evolved into "Tails Through Time" for my aviation art blog. I had also thrown in some daily aviation trivia on that blog, but found that many folks were finding that my own artwork was getting buried under my aviation trivia. So I started this blog as a spin off but found that over the last two years I've more or less migrated to the format that resembled my more in-depth posts "Tails Through Time". The picture above is the original header I made for those posts and it inspired the newer version that's at the top of each page of this blog.

I'm still a consumptive reader of aviation books and have every intent of sharing what I come across here in this blog- just not on a daily format as I'd been struggling to maintain since the birth of my fourth child this past August. Rest assured to the regular readers that there will be regular postings here and I will guarantee you at least some of what shows up here will resonate with your inner avgeek child! The web address will stay the same, though.

Stay tuned !


  1. This is probably one of the best aviation blogs I've seen for quite some time now. I love your posts! Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Thanks for the comments. The day job has had me busy the last few weeks and not able to post all the things I had planned, but I'm planning a "surge" of material the next few weeks. Stay tuned!