01 August 2009

In recent exercises, the Slovenian Air Force found that the PC-9 that are used as weapons trainers have such a low infrared signature that beyond 1000 meters lock-on is nearly impossible. In simulated engagements with F-16Cs of the US Air Forces Europe, the F-16s were unable to lock on to the PC-9s in a low-level engagement. The PC-9s used their high rate of turn of 30 degrees per second to turn inside the F-16s and fire a simulated AIM-9 with a successful "kill".

The counter to the low IR signature and turn rate of the PC-9 was to have a flight of F-16s at a higher altitude use their look down radar to provide targeting data for a low-flying second flight of F-16s.

Source: Air Forces Monthly, May 2008. "Slovenia's PC-9M Swift" by Emiel Sloot and Luc Honstra, p50.

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