07 May 2009

In terms of revenue, the current helicopter industry leader is Eurocopter with over $6 billion in revenue in 2008. The number two spot is surprising given their past labor and financial problems- Sikorsky with over $5 billion in revenue. The remaining three spots in descending order based on revenue for 2008:

#3: AgustaWestland (previously the #2 leader until passed by Sikorsky in 2006)- over $4 billion.

#4: Boeing - over $3 billion in revenue.

#5: Bell Helicopter - just under $3 billion.

Since 2003 all of the above companies have experienced a growth in revenue. The companies' rankings in 2003 in descending order were Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Boeing, Sikorsky, and Bell.

Source: Aviation Week and Space Technology, May 4, 2009. "Worst to First" by Joseph Anselmo, p49.

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