11 July 2009

The Grob G115 two seat general aviation aircraft is a development of Grob's G110 and G112 light training aircraft and first flew on 15 November 1985. Subsequent improvements in the G115 led to the G115E to become the first aircraft made from glass-fiber reinforced plastics to be certificated by the FAA.

In 1998 the G115 was selected as the Tutor for elementary flight training for the RAF to replace the Chipmunk T.10 and the Bulldog T.1. With 92 aircraft stationed at 14 airfields, the Grob Tutor T.1 is the second most numerous type in RAF service after the Panavia Tornado GR.4 and is also the most widely dispersed single type in Royal Air Force service.

Source: Air International, April 2009. "Grob Tutor: Aircraft of the RAF Part 12" by Jim Winchester, p52.

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