03 May 2009

One of the more unusual operators of the Convair F-102 Delta Dagger interceptor was the Federal Aviation Administration. From June to December of 1970, the USAF loaned an F-102 to the FAA who operated it with the registration number N300. It was assigned to provide data that would be used to develop takeoff airworthiness standards for the planned American SST as well as US certification of the Concorde. Equipped with a tail skid to limit takeoff rotation to angles and runway lengths more appropriate to the supersonic transports, N300 was flown by FAA pilot Robert LeSuer from Edwards AFB.

The data collected by N300 would be used to define the operating rules for Concorde operations in the United States. Upon completion of its program, the aircraft was retired to Davis-Monthan AFB's boneyard.

Source: Warpaint Series No. 64: Convair F-102 Delta Dagger by Terry Panopalis. Warpaint Books, p39.

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